new beginnings

I think it’s kind of trite to say that a lot has happened since my last entry on my previous blog, but it’s true.  I don’t even feel like the same person who wrote those things, so in the spirit of onward and upward, I’ll write my new chapters in a new space.

For starters, the husband and I have decided to make the move cross-country back to Florida.  It’s for several reasons, but the main one is that it’s a bummer raising kids without the involvement of their grandparents.  When I was growing up, I spent all the free time I had with my grandparents, and some of my fondest memories growing up involve long Saturdays in their pool, listening to the oldies and watermelon after dinner as the sun set (we’d sprinkle salt on a large slice and spit the seeds out where we sat.  Pops would wash off the sticky table with the hose, and I’d invariably end up back in the pool, even though I’d already had a shower).
Also, our parents aren’t getting any younger, and we might as well set ourselves up to be in a position to take care of whoever might need it while we’re able to do so.  And doing that while living in the Golden State just isn’t feasible, so we’re going to pull up stakes and make tracks for the east coast.

At first, I wasn’t sure a move was really what I wanted, I mean, the majority of my adult life has been spent here in California.  Why go somewhere else and start all over again?  There’s so much to miss here, so many people that I hate the thought of leaving behind.  But at the same time, there’s a lot to walk away from, and people that I’d rather forget.

My 30’s are for new faces and better places.

The more I thought about it, the more excited I started to get.  There will be so much more time to spend with family and to forge relationships that I’ve missed out on. The kids will get to know their grandparents and learn things I can’t teach.

So, to that end:

For Sale
If you know anyone who needs a good realtor, I know of one!

We had a realtor come to the house and walk through earlier this week, and she told us that she already had buyers in mind.  Kelly was able to set up a tour of the house for that afternoon, and within an hour of them leaving, she texted me to say that they wanted to make us an offer.

We accepted, and our closing date is in about 60 days.

After that, we’ll be Florida-bound.

I can’t wait for this new adventure!